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Sodium Tripolyphosphate ( STPP)

Quick Details

Classification: Phosphate

Type: Sodium Tripolyphosphate

CAS No.: 7758-29-4

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Purity: 94%

In water: easily soluble

Model Number: Na5P3O10

Appearance: Whitle microdot powder or granular ...

Packaging Detail: 25kg, 50kg or 1000kg





White microdot powder with luster, melting point at 622 C, easily soluble in water, with remarkable chelating ability to some me


STPP tech / food Grade is one of our strong products, our exporting quantity is 1200mts per month to many countries.


It is used in detergent builder: soap synergistic agent, as soft syner agent, dye auxiliary agent, water softener, magnesium oxide,leather pre-tanning agent and calcium carbonate drilling mud,dispersant of suspension such as paint, kaolin, preservative agent for paper making, organic synthesis catalyzer, petizing agents, and to provide alkalinity. Usd in petroleum induatry as peptizing and deflocculation agents in oil well drilling muds.


The below is our full details of STPP:


Sodium Tripolyphosphate




 Industrial grade

 Food grade


 Main content              %≥




 P2O5                          %≥




 Water insoluble         %≤




 Iron, as Fe                 %≤




 pH of 1% water solution




 Heavy metal, as Pb    %≤




 Arsenic, as As            %≤




 Fluoride ,as F             %≤




 Chloride, as Cl           %≤




Packaging: Plastic-woven sack with polythene inner bag; Net weight 25kg, 50kg or 1000kg


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